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EPR in Action 

See who is returning the pack

We create HoPPe for a brighter future

We help to educate and empower waste-pickers to collect rigid Polypropylene (PP) containers such as buckets & tubs, providing them with an opportunity to earn an income while contributing to a cleaner environment.

We collaborate with like-minded businesses and plastic producers to create HoPPe for our people, HoPPe for our environment, and HoPPe for PP-5 - for a brighter future.


Performance Painting Contractors

Performance Painting Contractors is collecting and returning as many paint buckets as possible to help drive a circular economy.


We cannot achieve a sustainable circular economy in isolation. Thank you to all our partners for their participation in the collection of used plastics.  


Partnership with African Reclaimers Organisation

We partner with the African Reclaimers Organisation (ARO) in the collection of plastic waste, which provides a meaningful income to thousands of Waste Reclaimers in South Africa.

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Umhlanga Community Beach Clean Up 

Participation in initiatives such as the Umhlanga Community Beach Clean Up makes a meaningful difference in the collection and recycling of plastic waste.


As one of the country’s oldest painting contractors, Smith & Winfield has joined a growing community of responsible painting contractors in an effort to divert plastic waste from landfill by collecting their used paint buckets for Reproplast to recycle.

Smith & Winfield Are Recycling Their Paint Buckets


Reproplast Extended Producer Responsibility Scheme Members

We cannot achieve a sustainable circular economy in isolation. In partnership with our members we work together to help consumers to RETURN THE PACK.

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"We recognise the opportunity of a strong alliance with Reproplast who is actively seeking to advance an uplifting, positive and collaborative environment that encourages and inspires change for both current and future generations."

- Linka Geustyn, Packaging Executive RCL Foods


Want the EPR logo on your pack?

Get in touch with us to find out more about how to qualify for the EPR logo on your 5, 2 and 4 Polyolefin packaging.  

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